When To Contact Us

Seeking professional help when you notice persistent, uncharacteristic behavior in your family member is the wisest. For example, for delays in milestone acquisition, poor school/work performance, anxiety, depression, memory problems in all age groups.

How To Contact Us

Phone (12noon – 7pm): 033-46021085
Email: admin@mhfkolkata.com
  • About Us

    We are a service led organisation comprising of a multidisciplinary team, which provides comprehensive mental health servicess to those who need care and support.

  • What We Do

    We work in partnership to overcome learning, emotional, behavioral and developmental issues in childhood and psychological and psychiatric problems in adulthood and across the life span.

    A key area of our work is to partner with social care organisations focusing on mental health issues and capacity building.


Workshop: Introduction to Narrative Therapy
10th & 11th February 2017, 9.30am - 4.30pm
Conclave, Kolkata

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Our Team

Our team of professionals and consultants comprise of psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, special educators and physiotherapists. They draw on several years of experience in diverse settings – in institutional and community care, in clinical and non-clinical settings. A number of them have international training and experience in their areas of specialty.
Members of our team have been working together in different settings since 2004, however the service delivery was fragmented. The MHF was formed to provide smoother delivery of assessment, treatment and training programs.

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Our Services

Social Care

Countless children in India face deprivation and discrimination in their daily lives – born into poor and dysfunctional families, facing neglect and abuse within the family and beyond. They may end up as street and working children or get trafficked into extremely exploitative and abusive situations. The constant struggle with difficult circumstances manifests in complex ways including aggression, addiction, low self esteem, self harm, suicidal tendencies, withdrawal and mental health disorders (anxiety, depression).

We discuss interventional strategies, in partnership with caregivers, to cope with various such struggles..

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Mental Health

The MHF multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive clinic-based services. These include psychiatric & psychological diagnosis and treatments such as counselling and psychotherapy, special education assessments and interventions for academic and adaptive behaviours, and paediatric physiotherapy and sensory integration therapy.

Various team members work together to ensure that a thorough assessment is done and that the intervention provided is holistic. Only standardized assessment tools and research proven intervention strategies are used.

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